The Library has an extensive reference collection avaliable to the public. To view and use materials ask at the front circulation desk or the reference desk if occupied for a hand, or you may also browse our collection on your own. The reference books cannot be checked out, howvever you may photocopy from the materials for .20 cents each. For more information on our Local History collection try our “Local History and Ancestry” tab on the upper screen!

The reference collection is housed on the adult circulation floor “delivery hall.” The shelves begin by the Young Adult room and continue down to the Magazine room and back up the opposite wall against the computer room.

The Local History room is also open to the public at all times. The Local History room doubles as our quiet study area and may sometimes be occupied by someone using the space for that purpose. We ask that you please respect their privacy while they use the room and ask a staff member to retireve materials from the room. The room remains unlocked most of the time, however if it is locked you may ask at the front desk for the key.

All reference requests/questions/etc. effective January 2016 should be fielded to:

ATTN: Oxford Library Reference Desk
339 Main Street
Oxford, MA 01540
508-987-6003 Ext: 232

or emailed to

Thank You




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