Dress Up Your Corkboard

Personalize a small corkboard for your room or locker.  Will you use this space for photos? reminders? jewelry? 
Meet us Wednesday, September 26th @ 4pm
in the Meeting Room
Registration is required

Oreo Cookie Taste Challenge

Rate the cookies

Soooo many kinds of Oreos.....Lemon?  Fireworks? Red Velvet?  Let's taste test as many as we can and see if the original is still the best!
Join us on the front lawn for milk and cookies!
Thursday, October 11th @ 4 pm


Desktop Zen Garden

Create your own dry landscape garden.  With sand and a rake make a rippled water effect for a calming activity.  Design a peaceful beach space, rock garden, or calming spot to keep on your desk.
Wednesday, October 24th @ 4pm in the meeting rom
Sign up required