Oxford Free Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 12/11/2018
Time: 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Title: Book Talk with Ted Reinstein
Contact: ,
Location: Meeting Room
Description: All are welcome to this FREE presentation!

In talking about New England’s General Stores: Exploring an American Classic, broadcast journalist Ted Reinstein shares the rich and colorful history of this iconic institution, how they figured in the rise of early American commerce, why they began to fade, and why—like another New England icon, the diner—they have begun to come back and even be re-invented and re-imagined for a new era.  Told with anecdotes from a variety of local landmark stores across the region, the presentation is accompanied by the award-winning photography of Art Donahue.

Since 1995, Ted Reinstein has been a reporter for Boston’s WCVB-TV’s “Chronicle,” the nation’s longest-running locally-produced nightly newsmagazine.  He also provides reports and commentary on Sunday mornings for the station’s political roundtable show, “On The Record.”   Ted has been a member of the WCVB editorial board since 2010. 

The presentation runs about 50 minutes, followed by Q&A, and book purchase/signing.

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